Short Stories Use in Language Skills Classes: Students’ Interest and Perception

Parlindungan Pardede

 Universitas Kristen Indonesia


The current study aims to investigate the interest and perceptions of the teachers training students majoring in English of the inclusion of short story in language skills classrooms. To achieve the objective, quantitative and qualitative data concerning the students’ interest attitudes and the perceived needs of teachers training students majoring in English towards the incorporation of short story in the English program they are taking were collected through a survey and focused semi structured open-ended interviews. A ‘25 item questionnaire’ was administered to obtain quantitative input. The questionnaire was constructed to gauge the perceptions, attitudes and the perceived needs of FKIP-UKI’s English teachers training students towards the incorporation of short story in language skills classes, was given to 45 sixth-semester students enrolled in the even semester of Academic Year 2009/2010 at the English Teaching Study Program of FKIP-UKI. The interviews were conducted with 5 volunteers who also participated in the survey. The themes that emerged during the interview sessions were coded in accordance to the quantitative dimensions from the questionnaire. SPSS version 17.0 was used to run frequency analysis, to cross tabulation of the data, to determine the correlation of interest and perception, and to conduct the regression analysis in this study.

The findings revealed that a majority of the respondents basically found short stories interesting to use both as materials for self-enjoyment and as components of language skill classes. Most of them also agreed or strongly agreed that the incorporation of short stories in language skills classes will help learners achieve better mastery of language skills. They even believed that English teacher candidates should master the skills of employing short stories to teach language skills. In addition, the statistical analysis revealed that the students’ interest and perceptions were positively and significantly correlated, and both variables significantly affected each other. Therefore, curriculum designers, lecturers, and policy makers were suggested to take students’ interest, perception, and perceived needs into consideration in every curriculum and learning-material revision.

Keywords: short story, English teachers’ training students, language skills classes

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