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Dear all,

After Studying the material in chapter 1 of Smith’s Building Vocabulary for College (2009), Write ten good sentences by including one of the following words in each of the sentences. Make sure your sentences are meaningful and grammatically correct. The following two sentences, which include the word ‘subterfuge’, can be used as samples.

  • The guerrillas used trees and leaves as a subterfuge to hide their weapons from the government’s air force.
  • Most players disliked their previous coach. He often employed various subterfuges to select players of his own choice to form the starting eleven.
  1. subterfuge
  2. universally
  3. misconstrue
  4. obstreperous
  5. correlation
  6. proclivity
  7. interim
  8. dissipate
  9. tentative
  10. anthropology
Smith, Kent R. (2009). Building Vocabulary for College. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company