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To fulfill the final requirement for finishing the class of Literature I, write an analysis on the poem selected for you in the following lists.  Include the general meaning, detailed meaning, intention, connotation, imagery and figurative language in your work analysis. However, you don’t need to put sub-headings. Just write in continuous essay form. You can use my analysis on Wordsworth’s I wandered Lonely as a Cloud as a model.

To get the poem you should analyze, just click the title put right after your name in the following lists.

Post your analysis on the reply section below not later than July 11, 2012. Don’t forget to put your student I.D. on top of your post.

Good luck!

List of Students and Poems to analyze

  1. Ian Fraskah Siallagan –> Langston Hughes’ As I Grew Older
  2. Nova Novita –> Pablo Neruda’s I Do Not Love You Except Because I Love You
  3. Weina Agnestya F.S.P. –> Jenny Joseph’s Warning
  4. Berthon Wendyven –> Emily Dickinson’s Hope” is the thing with feathers
  5. Sayrona Sybtabama –> Joyce Kilmer’s Trees
  6. Ribka Sima Erlin –> Roger McGough’s First Day at School
  7. Evyona Br. Sinulingga –> Paul Laurence Dunbar’s We Wear the Mask
  8. Louisa Novita –> J. Patrick Lewis’ First Men on the Moon
  9. Aprina Crysanti Girsang –> Amy Lowell’s The Letter
  10. Margaretha –> William Henry Davies’s Leisure
  11. Tri Retno Widayati –> Sherbanu Molu’s Happiness
  12. Feryanto Hasudungan S. –> Rabindranath Tagore’s Closed Path
  13. Norman Hamonangan –> Amy Lowell’s The Lamp of Life
  14. Listra Lesna Sinurat –> Lewis Carroll’s Dreamland
  15. Ronald –> Jack Prelutsky’s Be Glad Your Nose is on Your Face
  16. Olivia Floren Sebayang –> Dorothy Parker’s Condolence
  17. Agnes patricia –> Amy Lowell’s A Little Song
  18. Julio Petrus –>William Wordsworth’s British Freedom
  19. Juliana Christine –> Robert Frost’s A Soldier
  20. Meirina Putri Malau –> Rabindranath Tagore’s Chain Of Pearls
  21. Cesario Octavianus –> William Henry Davies’ Money
  22. Eny Haryati –> Rabindranath Tagore’s Freedom
  23. Van Henrikh –> William Butler Yeats’ When You Are Old
  24. Susan –> Amy Lowell’s Absence