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Paragraph Writing for Final Term

(Odd Semester 2013/2014)

Choose five out of the following topics, and write a good paragraph for each of them. Each of the paragraphs should consist of 8 to 12 sentences (80 to 120 words). Make sure that every paragraph has its own topic sentences and some supporting sentences. You can also put one introductory and one concluding or emphatic sentence in each of them.;

  1. cheating
  2. noisy neighbor(s)
  3. the best present I ever received
  4. qualities of a good teacher
  5. a place I’ll never forget
  6. international marriage
  7. how to use face book wisely
  8. reasons for getting married
  9. professional teacher
  10. the most dangerous animal in the world

All the five paragraphs should be posted into the reply section below by Saturday, December 14, 2013. don’t forget to include your name and Student Registered Number.

Good luck!