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Introduction to Scientific Writing

This slide introduces the what (overview of the materials and products) and the how (activities, approach and procedure of running) the Scientific writing class. It also includes the topic of the first lecture.

Feel free to access and download the slide from here

Exercise 1

After studying the slide and Malmfors, Garnsworthy, & Grossman’s “Writing and Presenting Scientific Papers”, p.1-7, put your answer to each of the following four questions in the reply section below.

  1. What is the fundamental goal of conducting a research, and why a research results should be communicated?
  2. Why should a scientific communication fulfill the criteria of ABC (accurate and  audience-adapted, brief, and clear)?
  3. Mention and explain three differences between scientific paper and popular science paper.
  4. What is your definition to “blended learning” and what benefits do you expect from joining a class employing the blended learning approach?

Deadline for posting answer: Saturday, March 15, 2014, 12:00 pm.

Good luck!