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Review Process of a Manuscript Converted from an Undergraduate Thesis

at the English Teaching Study Program of UKI

Parlindungan Pardede
Universitas Kristen Indonesia Jakarta

Undergraduate theses are a great source of scientific articles. If all undergraduate theses written by alumni candidates of the English Teaching Study Program of Universitas Kristen Indonesia (ETSP-UKI) could be published in a journal, they will be a great contribution to ELT. To put it into reality, since 2013/2014 academic year ETSP-UKI makes the converting of the students undergraduate thesis into a journal manuscript one of the requirements to follow the undergraduate thesis examination. To make the preparation of journal manuscript more effective, ETSP-UKI suggests the students to take Journal of English Teaching (JET) the target journal.

As a peer-reviewed journal, JET accepts a manuscript which meets its guidelines for submission. Therefore, to be accepted, all manuscripts converted from the students’ undergraduate theses, like the manuscripts submitted by writers from outside of ETSP-UKI, should pass the review process. The objectives of this process are: (1) to assist JET editors in making decisions about publishing a manuscript; (2) to offer constructive feedback to authors that will enhance the final writing product; (3) to improve writing skills and critical thinking of editors, reviewers, and authors; (4) to provide readers, researchers, and other users of the journal with readable articles; (5) to reduce bias and improve the quality of published articles; and (6) to ensure that the published manuscripts adheres to ethical standards for ELT publishing.

A practical guidelines for converting an undergraduate thesis to a journal manuscript could be accessed here.

Here is the procedure for reviewing the manuscript:

  1. The author submit his/her the manuscript that is written using JET’s guidelines for submission (with a Manuscript Review Form attached at the back) to the assigned editor of JET.
  2. Within 2 to 3 days, the author takes the manuscript back and proceeds to the recommended action in the review form:

a. If the recommendation is “Accept; no revision”, the author should have his/her “Manuscript Acceptance Form” signed by the assigned editor and submit the final manuscript (attached with the signed acceptance form and bound using this cover template) and the soft copy of the article (in CD) to the undergraduate thesis examination committee.

b. If the recommendation is “Resubmit after minor/major revisions”, the author must as soon as possible revise it by paying attention to the “evaluation” results and comments from the editor. Then the revised manuscript (with a Manuscript Review Form attached at the back) should be resubmit to the same editor.

c. Within 2 to 3 days, the author takes the manuscript back and proceeds to the recommended action in the review form (step 2.a. or 2.b. above).

To get an example of final manuscript, click here.

Happy writing!